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Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Analysis












Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Analysis 2007

Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

Green Farm Co. Ltd









0.5 – 1.1          




Total Acidity

4-9.5 gr/100ml     (pH : 8.1 , As Citric Acid)  



Total Ash

2-3 gr/100gr


Less than 1gr/100 gr

* At 1.5 brix with applying acidified distilled water witch is the same with pH of origin juice.

Note: The above - mentioned result in color may be change in consequence of  bad conditions of transporting and/or in a bad state of preservation at laboratory, although the related changes are not sensible but it must be in paying more attention regarding transporting, preservation and manner of juice making.

Filled in Aseptic bag in 220 litter Drums                                               

Storage Condition: -18ºc

Produced from to organic Pomegranates cultivated in the gardens of neyriz Area.

ISO 9001 & HACCP Obtained (TÜV)

Factory: Mazraeye Sabz Industries, Neyriz City, IRAN



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