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Production Process

At first washing pomegranates.
In this stage the pomegranates washed by water and compressed air, which cause water to be rough so the fruits washed up carefully, and then transferred to the sorting hall through elevator.
In the sorting hall, the defective and/or damaged fruits will separate and the rests transfer to the breaking up system. From this section on the automatic programmer will control the process.
There are two breakup systems there, which break up the pomegranates and divide the arils (juice sacs containing the seeds) from skin.
Then the skins send out of the line and the arils go to the reserve tank, through a mono pump. Then they transfer to two pressing system, through another mono pump.
The presses are batch membrane, which prevent of grinding the pomegranate seeds during the juicing phase, so that a transparent juice with a natural flavor will be obtained.
The juice goes to the pasteurization stage, while the seeds conveyed out.
The next step is pasteurization. In this stage the juice will be heated to 105 °C , and suddenly decrease to 35°C, by cooling tower.
Then the product will be filtered through UF filters, in order to get a transparent color.
The next phase is concentration. Evaporator will concentrate the juice to the desired viscosity.
The process is that the juice will arrive in a preheater system and then goes to heat exchanger, through increasing heat and in vacuum condition, the juice in the screen evaporator boils and the vacuum absorbs the steam and the juice will be concentrated in two steps,
At the first step the viscosity reaches to 35 and in the next step to the desired concentration (Brix 60 or 65, according to the order).
In this system the color and taste of the product will be preserved completely, since the liquid pours very fast and like a curtain from screen.
The final step is the sterilization.
In this step, the product will be heated to 108°C and then rapidly decrease to 24°C.
The product is now ready to be packed, therefore send to the filling system. The final product will be packed in 220 aseptic bags and then into 220L steel drums (265KG)
Then the drums send to the cold storage and keep in - 18°C and ready for shipment.

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