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About Green Farm

We are a major producer of Pomegranate juice concentrate in Iran the main growing land of garden fruits.
Our facilities are located in ''Neyriz'', a small town in southern part of Iran, with large pomegranate gardens.

The production line has been manufactured by BERTUZZI the famous Italian company, and has been inaugurated in December 2004 along with ''the second pomegranate festival''.
Our main object is producing high quality concentrate from the best pomegranates of the region.
We have the permission to apply the brand of the '' Institute of Standards and Industrial Researches of Iran (ISIRI), and approaching HACCP & the international ISO 9001 in near future.
The region is a main place for growing the best agricultural products, e.g. crops, vegetables, and fruits, mostly organic – without insecticides-
Neyriz has many large pomegranate gardens, therefore we decided to establish a factory to convert it to concentrate and introduce it to the people of other countries.
MR Mahmoud. Bamdad, the managing director of the company is one of the most experienced agricultural managers of Fars Province and has obtained his MS in agricultural management. He is also one of the founders of the company.


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